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Tagging via 1st Party

We assist leading publishers in making ad blockers irrelevant by converting existing ad tags into 1st party code deployed from the server side. Our powerful (yet simple) solution enables 100% of your ad tags to fire on user devices. Starting serving your ads as 1st party data.
increase revenue

Boost Revenue

Increase your ad revenue by as much as 25%+ by simply enabling your ads to show on all devices, regardless of ad-blocking and ios hurdles. There are many sophisticated ad optimization tools out there but none are more effective that simply getting your ads to show up in the first place.

Increase Speed

Dramatically improve the load time of your website by utilizing our server-side tag deployment technology. By deploying your tags from the server side, this removes the scripts from having to load during each page view (and likely reduce your bandwidth usage and hosting bills, too).

The Rise of Ad Blockers

Needless to say, ad blockers have had a crippling effect on publisher websites over the last decade and the trend continues. We understand publisher reliance on ad revenue to enable the continued generating of quality content.

The more consumers who use ad blockers, the worse the experience is for those who don’t. Some publishers sites have become almost impossible to navigate; riddled with ads. By re-leveling the playing field, publishers can reduce the need for over-populating their pages with the more aggressive ads while still producing reliable revenue for operations and growth.

ad blocker usage

Ad blocking user penetration rate in the United States from 2014 to 2021 [source]

tag deployment server side

Solution: "Smart Tagging"

We enable the world’s leading publishers to overcome ad blockers and earn the revenue they deserve. Leverage the power of “Smart Tagging” in our enterprise tag management solution to both deploy your ad tags from the server side and at the same time dramatically improve page load times with the inherent lighter weight code on the client side.

Smart Tagging removes the client-side JavaScript code directly from the page which means there is no need to use JavaScript tags, thus improving page loading times. Smart Tagging takes the heavy lifting away from the client’s browser – in place of JavaScript, a simple data collection pixel captures just the data needed from the webpage to serve to all the tags that you would usually serve on the client-side.

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