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Introducing the world’s best alternative to Google Analytics.


Visualize Your Traffic

Gain powerful insights into your website visitors and campaign performance. Quickly identify which pages are most popular on your site, where visitors are coming from, and what they are doing once they get to your site. Our platform is designed to be simple, intuitive to use.
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Boost Revenue With Insights

Now you can tie purchase conversions back to which traffic channel or campaign they came from, which pages were visited that lead to the purchase, and other power insights into your ideal visitor profile. Leverage HUSanalytics to increase your conversions and revenue.

Track Individual Visitors

Get unprecedented detail on what each individual visitor is doing, all organized into their user profile card. Analyze which visitor segments are consuming the most content, which pages a user went to, and how they are interacting with your site.

Visualize Your Site Visitors

Enjoy a complete picture of your website activity from the HUSanalytics dashboard.

From basic stats like the number of visitors on your site, to fully custom widgets showing campaign conversion performance, you have the power to customize the dashboard as you see fit.

analytics dashboard
transitions from one page to another

Visitor Flow and Behavior

Learn how your users navigate through your website or app.

Users Flow shows you the most popular paths your users took through your website or app. In a glance you see how your users navigate through your website over several steps, where they came from and where they exit.

Visitor Profile Log

Drill down to see what each individual visitor is doing on your site, with all the behavioral data organized into their “user profile card”.

Analyze which visitor segments are consuming the most content (or bought from you), which pages a user visited, and many other specifics on individual user behavior.

Industry-Best Tag Manager

Introducing the industry-best alternative to Google Tag Manager. Easily organize all your site tags tags into one simple-to-use dashboard. HUS Tag Manager (HTM) is available inside of HUSanalytics, or as a stand-alone tool.

Organize all of the websites you manage under one dashboard. Create an unlimited number of tags to deploy on your sites, by either choosing one of our popular one-click installs, or choose our custom HTML tag and insert your code. Create your free HUSanalytics account today to test drive Tag Manager.

Step 1: Create Free Account

Getting started is easy! Simply click “Start Now” below and then click, “Create Account”. HUSanalytics is free to use, and you can install it on all of your websites, each having its own profile in your dashboard.

Step 2: Install Tracking Tag

During first login, you’ll be presented with your tracking code tag. Simply copy/paste this into the head section of your website. This is the same place you may have previously installed your Google Analytics code or Facebook pixel code.

Step 3: Enjoy Powerful Insights

That’s all! Now that you’ve got your HUSanalytics tracking tag installed on your site, you can soon begin to leverage these powerful insights to visualize your website traffic, right down to specific visitor behaviors and navigation flow. 

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